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If I didn’t live in Borderless House, I wouldn’t make Japanese friends in Japan

  • 20's
  • 3months stay
  • Private room
  • 2nd time Japan
  • First time at a share house
  • Beginner Japanese

First of all, please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Antonin. I’m French.
And I’ve been spent a few month here, Osaka and this Borderless House. I was doing an exchange program for a few month and now I’m going back to France.

Since I was arriving alone in Osaka, I chose Borderless House to meet many people.

Why did you decide to live in a share house? Also, why did you choose Borderless House?

I decided to be living in a share house is to easily meet other people. That was a main thing because I was arriving alone here, in Osaka.

I guess it is a easiest way to meet people.
And why Borderless House, I was looking at different houses, your website is pretty easy and a video is really easy, too. Find out where it is with the video which is famous one. That’s why I trust you.

One day trip in Kansai area to have fun with house mates!

Let me ask you about the life in Borderless House. First, what are enjoyable things during your stay?

Yes, most nicest things are we went one day trips around Osaka, one day Kyoto and other places. Also, we had dinner together, having some drinks in the living room.

Recently, I went to Kyoto, Arashiyama with 2 house mates. The place was pretty cool. Also, I went to Himeji Castle with my share mates as well as their friends in beautiful weather! That’s pretty fun!

Not everything was good during my stay in the share house....!?

On the other hand, did you have any unpleasant experiences in Borderless House?

Ah, one of house mates is doing a party all the time and inviting thousand of people, it’s a new night club here.

Oh my god!

※There are house rules in Borderless Hosue, tenants have to respect and consider other tenants as well as neighbors after 8PM

Yeah, we make people pay 100yen to go and in. Oh! I wasn’t supposed to say that. Hahaha!

It's just joking, No problem with the house. I am pretty satisfied with this place.

In fact, I didn’t know any Japanese before coming to here except Arigatou!

Could you tell me more abut your experience with house mates?

We are 6 or 7 people from different countries in this house. There are 2 Taiwanese, 3 Japanese, English and me! So it is multiple culture and it is pretty nice to meet local people to practice my Japanese.

In fact, I didn’t know any words of Japanese before coming except Arigatou(Thank you). I am still beginner, but my Japanese skill is getting improved because I was able to practice a little bit more with the housemates.

Most of the time we were meeting in this living room and sometimes going out with for one day trip, sometimes restaurant and bar, that’s pretty nice. That’s good way of learning language.

If I didn’t live in this house, I wouldn’t make Japanese friends in Japan.

How do you think living together with Japanese and foreigners?

I think it’s pretty nice to live with Japanese people because it’s pretty hard to meet Japanese people out said.
Even if I went to University and there are many Japanese students, it’s hard to make a relationship with them because we could talk with them just a few minuets and not see them often.

I know the mainly problem is that my Japanese skill was beginner and I took only English class. There are mainly European people and other Asian countries.

It was nice to talk to Japanese people to live here and I think if I wouldn’t live in this house I would have few Japanese people. So the main thing to live share house is that I had opportunities to meet Japanese people.

Here is time for share with Japanese people. Moreover, it’s nice place to improve their English and a little bit French, just a little bit.

Finally, what is your favorite Japanese word!


*His farther came to Japan to see him and they are going to a trip in Kanazawa(Ishikawa prefecture). Have a safe trip!

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