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Game On! Building Friendships at Borderless House Exciting Board Game Night

Hi there! We're back at Borderless House.

Today's blog is about more fun stuff from Borderless House Kansai, right after our udon-making event!

This time, we're excited to share the highlights from our board game meet-ups, held in October and November last year. Although we're sharing this a bit later, last year was packed with fun events in Kansai, so stick around for more stories and laughs! 

Board Game Gathering in Kyoto, Japan!

For our latest event, we aimed to not only strengthen the bonds between our residents but also to help everyone get more comfortable with Japanese in a fun way. We believed that engaging in games and various activities would naturally spark conversations, making the idea of speaking Japanese less daunting.

We chose a board game café located close to one of our houses for the venue.

At the cafe, we were amazed by the towering stacks of board games, reaching almost up to the ceiling! The owner, with a collection from all around the world, helped us pick out the perfect games for our group.

For our October gathering, we went with a card game. The fun part? We had to quickly make up stories based on the pictures on the cards. Trying to do this in English added an exciting twist!

There was a buzz of anticipation as we all watched to see which card would be played next. Everyone's eyes were glued to the players' every move.

At the café, one of the regulars happened to be there and was so intrigued that they asked, "Can I join in?" Thanks to this, our October event turned into a lively session with about 10 people playing and having a great time!

The best part about these games is they're just as fun whether you're in a big group or a small one. They offer a great mix of excitement and the chance for deeper conversations. We're definitely looking forward to hosting more of these events!

Over the past year, Borderless House Kansai has been bustling with various activities. We're excited to keep sharing these experiences through our blog. Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope you enjoy following along!

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