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Ridilover x BORDERLESS HOUSE ▏Learn about multicultural living! Activity with Japanese senior high school students

On Oct 12 and Oct 26, 2022, BORDERLESS HOUSE was honored to be invited to hold a collaboration event with Ridilover for senior high school students. At the events, the students got to have workshops and discussions on some topics regarding prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping which are the social problems that we aim to solve by creating multicultural living environments.

Before we take you back to this event let me give you a brief introduction to Ridilover!

About Ridilover
Ridilover is a Japanese company that takes on the challenge of quickly resolving social issues by engaging in businesses that "discover" problems and work with them to create solutions. While "breaking down social indifference," Ridilover aims to create a society with a "network of friendly concern" that includes everyone. To this end, they see every social issue as a problem that can be solved.

Part 1. The purpose of this multicultural living workshop

At the start of the workshop, our Kansai member- Mori Yuki gave a presentation about BORDELRESS HOUSE’s vision and mission, as well as an introduction to the share house and the concept.

While more foreigners are settling in Japan, it is important that there are places where everyone can live in peace and harmony regardless of their nationalities and race. Thus, Borderless House aims to build relationships and connections among people with different backgrounds and gather them together to live under the same roof in our share houses. By doing so, we hope everyone can mutually understand each other without any prejudice or discrimination.

We believe that the solution of providing more people with opportunities for international exchange can accelerate the creation of an ideal multicultural society.

Part 2. Group Discussion - Prejudice and Discrimination

After we shared our vision and concept, at the second part of the workshop, we divided a total of 30 students into 6 groups and discussed:

● What is your image of discriminatory prejudice?
● Do you actually have discriminatory prejudice around you?
● What can we do to eliminate discriminatory prejudice?

The students had intense discussions and shared their own opinions. After the discussion, we asked the students to share their conclusions with us. Here we got many great answers:
● Discrimination and prejudice are all around us, and there is various discrimination prejudice such as gender discrimination, and positive and negative personalities.
● In order to eliminate discrimination and prejudice, I think it is important to know each other more and accept the differences each other.
● Do you have any requests to the government etc. as a measure to eliminate discrimination and prejudice?

Part 3. Share House Tour! Meeting our tenants from different countries

We visited BORDERLESS HOUSE KYOTO-KURAMAGUCHI. Our sweet tenants from Germany, America, Canada, and Japan were there to welcome all the students!

Our tenants shared about their life in a share house, including how to get along with people from different countries, how to communicate with people who speak different languages, the pros and cons of sharing the house and life with others, etc. Students also asked them about the things they’ve experienced living in Japan as a foreigner.

Our foreign tenants also got the chance to practice their Japanese!

↑ Our tenant made very cute direction signs with small ducks at the entrance to welcome the students!

In the future, we hope we can have more opportunities to share our vision with the young generations and let more people know and experience multicultural and multilingual BORDERLESS HOUSE!

If you also like our vision of creating a free of discrimination open-minded multicultural society and would like to cooperate with us for any events, please feel free to contact us HERE.

Let's promote a wonderful community that is built on mutual understanding and active participation together:)

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