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Hello, this is Riko from Borderless House Tokyo!

Speaking of April, it is the season for Cherry blossom, flower viewing, new lifestyle… but most importantly it is the season for “meeting new people”.

With the coming of spring, our new original program has started!

Make the most of the Borderless Community! “Connect” with people beyond your house


photo:FARO Coffee & Catering


“Link Up” is a meetup event with a small number of people which is held twice a month and it is only for our tenants.

This is our original program which provides you with the opportunity to meet and connect through languages and interests with people who you haven’t had a chance to meet.

As a place where the tenants can gather, we hold the events at the café “FARO Coffee& Catering” located in Hongo-Sanchome.
With the cosy atmosphere of the shop, you can relax and enjoy the program with coffee, alcohol drink and snacks♪

One of the unique points of this program that the maximum number of participants is only 10 people, so you can interact with people more closely, which is a bit different from big events.


The life in your house is not all of your Borderless House life!



There are 74 houses and more than 700 people are living in Borderless House Tokyo.
Some of you may think “That many!?”, but yes, there are many other people living in Borderless House outside your house.
In other words, your life in Borderless House is full of chances to meet new people both inside and outside your house.

We would like you to make the best of your life in Borderless House, enjoying your everyday life as well as the interaction with new people outside the house, this is how “Link Up” was born.


Program for “MORE”

Link Up is a program which responds to our tenants’ “MORE”


I live in a small house, so the chance to meet new people is limited
→I want to meet MORE people!

The chance to practice Japanese limited in my current house.
→I want to practice Japanese MORE!

I don't have much time to spend with my housemates because of different time schedules.
→I want to interact with people MORE!


I am enjoying my time here, but I want to enjoy connecting with people MORE!

If you feel this way, this program is for YOU!


Join us now! 2 Link Ups according to different purposes

Join us now! 2 Link Ups according to different purposes

1.If you want to connect with people through language…

→Language exchange while enjoying coffee Link Up x Language
People break into groups and talk about the topic of their interest.
You are not confident about your speaking level? Don’t worry!
Our staff is there for you as a facilitator.


<Join us now!> first-come, first-served, so please hurry up!

21st April (Sat) 17:00–19;00 @ FARO Coffee& Catering
※One drink is required to order (price range:600〜700 yen)

[Link Up x Language] application form


2.If you want to connect with people outside your house…

→Connect and talk with new people Link Up x Free Talk

Let’s have a chat with your new friends and talk about things you like!
You are the star, so what you talk about is totally up to you.


<Join us now!> first-come, first-served, so please hurry up!

28st April (Sat) 17:00–19;00 @ FARO Coffee& Catering
※One drink is required to order from 600〜700 yen

[Link Up x Free Talk] application form



As for April, the schedule is fixed as above. From May, it would be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday.

In the future, we are willing to do other things based on requests from our tenants like language exchange between other languages, meetup events about hobbies...etc. We are happy to hear your ideas and we would like to make this program something we build together.

Why don’t you join Link Up and make better use of your life in Borderless House?


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    If your specific requirements (area, budget, moving time, etc.) are fixed, please send us an inquiry form for a further consultation.