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Thank you for your interest in Borderless House.
Our customer service team will assist you.

*We cannot accept applications from:
・couples or married couples
・High school students and those over 36 years of age. (We accept applicants within the age limit from 18 to 35 years.)
・married applicants


※Room viewing is possible from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 5pm.
Minimum 1 month staying term is required.

Personal Information


※We have an age limit at Borderless House from 18 to 35 years.

Marital status*


If you are a smoker, you can't move in Non-Smoking Houses.
(Target Houses: Shinjuku-Honancho1, Ueno tabata2, Koiwa1, Monzen-Nakacho, Musashi-Koyama, Asagaya1, Todakoen, Shimo-Kitazawa3, Omori1, Omori2, Kitasenju1, Kitasenju2, Setagaya-Kyodo1, Shinjuku-Nakano1, Shinjuku-Nakano2, Shinjuku-Ochiai1, Osaki, Shibuya-Ikejiri1, Honkomagome1, Ahasaka1,)
Please enter '0' if you do not have a phone number.
※If you do not have a SKYPE ID, please write 'n/a' in the blank.
Our skype ID is BORDERLESS HOUSE.If you would like to talk on Skype, please add our account BORDERLESS HOUSE.
Please approve our account if we ask you to add our account in case we need.
※We will talk about the details of your room viewing by phone or Skype in advance.

Our system is currently having an error to send emails to the address provided by hotmail・livemail・outlook.
Please use the email address provided by other companies (gmail, yahoo, ...etc.), or refer to the link to solve the problem.
If you don't hear from us for more than 2-3days, please contact us via Skype or call. Thank you.

Language communicating with us.*

※Room viewing is possible from Monday to Saturday between 11am and 5pm.
*Our system is first-come-first-served. So if any other person apply to the room before you, he or she will get the room.
If you wish to move into one of our Borderless Houses after room-viewing, please send us a filled-out reservation form for that room. Upon receipt of your reservation form, we would carry out the inner screening process. As a result of the screening, please understand that there are some cases that we would not allow your moving-in. We do not disclose our screening criteria.