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Find Your Favorite Share House Staying Abroad

Traveling is a favorite hobby of a lot of people. Many people look at it as an opportunity to grow and to get to know oneself better, while others look at it as a chance to learn more about other cultures and traditions. But as we all know, traveling is a time consuming and a little expensive hobby. Not all people can actually afford to just pack their bags and to disappear from the radar for a very long time to roam the foreign lands, and to explore the foreign cultures.

But such people do not need to lose heart because there are many cheap and inexpensive ways of learning more about other traditions and cultures as well. Wondering what they are? Well, one easy method is to meet new people who belong from different cultures and traditions. Through them, you can learn more about foreign customs and traditions. Now, you must be thinking how and where are you going to come across foreign people and how are you going to befriend them. Well, there is yet again a simple answer to this. You can meet them at share houses.

Yes, share houses which are rental spaces that accommodate people from different backgrounds and offer them shelter, are a good place, to begin with. So, for example, say if you are in Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan for a business project or maybe you are living there for your studies, then instead of finding a hostel or renting a flat, a better strategy is to rent a bed in a share house. This will give you an opportunity to live with the natives and other foreign people which will aid you in learning more about their culture and in saving you some money in case you actually decide to travel to someplace in the future.

But apart from these benefits, living in a share house incurs some other big advantages as well. So, for example, by living in a share house in say, Taiwan or Japan, you don’t just get the opportunity to learn more about the local food and language of that place by interacting with natives, but you also get to enjoy the special benefits (like gardens or music studios) that some of these share houses offer. Now, if we have piqued your interest and you are excited to know in detail about the benefits offered, then read our next section!

How do share houses help in cultivating old interests?

Living in a share house is a different and a must-try experience. While there, you learn to relish your independence, you increase your knowledge about new countries and traditions and you also get a chance to re-kindle your old habits. While getting the native experience of the place, living in a share house will also help you in cultivating your personal interests as well.


There are many other hobbies and interests that can be re-kindled while living in a share house have special facilities. Some of them are as follows-

● Share houses with Terrace or garden

Share houses typically accommodate many people. As a result of which they are spread across many meters of land and their sizes and areas are generally wide. This, in turn, means that such properties, a lot of time, have some free space that they utilize for other purposes like for construction of a terrace or for creating a garden. This is a great drawing point for renters who are looking for shelter.
Now, if you are also one of those people who occasionally like to soak in the rays of the sun, or who have a soft corner in their heart for gardening, then the prospect of living in a share house with a terrace or garden should make you extremely happy. This is because if you could find yourself such a place while living in a foreign land, then your hobbies like sunbathing or gardening will never let you feel alone or bored. Plus, during your stay you will likely come across other like-minded people, who will make living here more fun for you!


● Private water supply in rooms

If you have always had a private bathroom since you were born, then it can become difficult for you to share one with other people whom you barely know. Also, from the point of view of hygiene and cleaning, it is usually a good idea to have a private bathroom at your place. Now, the good news is that at some share houses you can get this condition fulfilled.
Yes, some share houses have installed water supply in the rooms. This way the residents are never forced to share their toilets or showers with other housemates. This count for a whole lot when you are living in a foreign space and it can make your life potentially easier.


● Properties that offer rooftop

Sometimes maybe because you are feeling dull or because you need some alone time with yourself you seek a place where you can be away from people, maybe somewhere in an open space. Now, if you are living in a hostel or a flat, finding such an open and alone space can be a little troublesome with so many people around. But that is not the case with some of the share houses that you can locate in Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan.
This is because some share houses have special facilities where they offer their residents a rooftop that they can visit at any time. So, if you are feeling the need for some me-time while you are living in a share house you know where to head to. Plus, in the comfortable and light weather, a rooftop is a good place to be as it soothes and nourishes your soul. Lastly, with an amazing rooftop, you also get the chance to organize a small get together with your housemates and friends where you can dwell with a drink in your hand and occasionally strum a tune or two on your guitar while singing along to the lyrics with other people.


● Properties with music studios

If you love music and you know how to play an instrument or two, then you should probably search for a share house that comes with a music studio. Even for newcomers and unpractised musicians who love music, but do not have much understanding of rhythms or tunes, such a place is a nice residence option as it offers them shelter and a platform to learn. Plus, it also costs very less.
Share houses with music studios are also a very good option for a place of residence because here music lovers get a chance to reside with like-minded people. This means that if you like music and you love discussing it with other people then living in a share house with a music studio will be akin to the experience of a book lover who just got permitted to live in a library! Also, living here would mean unlimited musical jam sessions and bonfire strumming where no other residents or neighbors will complain. It is amazing, isn’t it?!


● Property with a movie theatre

Some people are outgoing and friendly by nature, while some others are introverts and they prefer spending their time alone in their room or maybe with their closely-knit circle of friends. And to pass their time such people either like to rely upon their books or they love watching movies with their beverages in hand.
Well, we have good news for such people, which is that some of the new share houses in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan have decided to offer their residents a place to live that has small movie theatre equipment. This means that if you are not a very outgoing person but you prefer spending your weekends while watching a fun movie and munching on your popcorn, then now it is not necessary for you to dress up and to head out for living this experience because now this experience comes to your home!
So, whether it is movies, video games, video calling your friends, or having dinner in an online meeting with someone whose company you cherish, the task has become quite easy.



Thus, we can see that share houses are a very preferable means of shelter as they are not only cheap and comfortable but because they provide many opportunities to the residents to rekindle their old hobbies and talents as well. So, if you are soon going to be moving to a new place for your studies or a business project, then try finding yourself a perfect sharehouse for staying abroad. We promise that you will absolutely cherish this experience!

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