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Hi, this is BORDERLESS HOUSE in Osaka! One of our tenants, Shinpei went to Seoul with House exchange program. He said he is very interested in Korean cultures, so he is thinking about going to Korea all the time. Since he is Living in Osaka Toyonaka1 House with a Korean house Mate, he is getting interested in Korean cultures. So this time, he went to Korea, and Stay in Mapo2 House in Seoul from 2nd of Dec to 8th of Dec.   <He is eating Samgepsal, Korean BBQ>   <In front of Sejongdeawang statue>   Here is the comments from him! Q1. Why did you apply for the house exchange program? I really wanted to go to Korea, and when I heard about this program, I thought it will be much very to go there with this program since I can experience more real Korean cultures than I go there with my friends or by myself. Even though I wanted to go to Korea, I did not know about Korea well, so I do not want to go there for only short travel. I wanted to do Deep travel and to have rich Experience. Especially, I can stay there for FREE, so why not? lol   Q2. How was your trip? If I say it in a word, it is very similar between Korea and Japan. I already told you, I am very interested in their life, and culture, I kept attention to everything like their fashion, atmosphere of the street, buildings, cars, CM, and so on! It is just same as Japan. And when I went to book store, I was very surprised since the Japanese book was No. 1! Lol At the same time, I found the different things; there are lots of cafes, and they use credit card a lot Wi-Fi is everywhere in Korea! Also, transportation fee like taxi or bus is very cheap compare to japan.   When I found like this, it was very interesting.   3. What is the most memorable episode? I am not sure that this story is an episode or not, but the thing is that I met my roommate, Han! He brought me the club, pub, and restaurants, and we talked a lot! He lived in Japan, so he already known about how to speak Japanese, and Japanese cultures. Especially, I was able to understand about the education, and job hunting because of him.   4. Do you have any comments? I can not say about my house exchange program without Han! Since he was my roommate, I was able to enjoy this program I guess. I mean I can not speak any Korean, but my roommate, Han speaks Japanese, and we get along well. So it is very important to match the share house and the house mates!   I really appreciate it since I had really good time, and great experiences there! Thank you !!!   What a great experience! If you are interested in this program, please check the details of House Exchange Program HERE!
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