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International atmosphere!! New international exchange share house opens in Kobe!

Hello, this is Yuuka from Borderless House Osaka office.

Great night views, fashionable city, port town, international flavor, beautiful cityscape....
That is Kobe where is often ranked as the best place to live in Japan.

The borderless house opens in the Motomachi Sannomiya area in Kobe for the first time!

What is the Borderless House?

BORDERLESS HOUSE is a share house based on international exchange concept that adjusted the nationality ratio of Japanese and foreign nationals to 50:50. By living with people all over the world, you can experience like studying abroad!

A city where Japanese and foreigners live together

Since Kobe flourished as a window to foreign countries for a long time, one of the features is that it is common that foreigners and Japanese live together.

It is exactly the perfect place for Borderless Houses!

Despite being fashionable spots where domestic and overseas brand shops and imported grocery stores, there are also large shopping streets where more than 300 shops are lined up including long-established stores and famous shops!

It is a very convenient place to live because tenants can get every items by walking 10 minutes from the house.

On the other hands, when you want to feel diverse culture, you can visit famous tourist attraction place like Nankin-machi, Kitano ijinkan, Ikuta shrine with long-history etc!

I am going to write blogs for three times about Borderless House Kobe Motomachi which opens in such attractive place!

As the first blog, I will show you a part of the house that is being renovated!

under the conditon "Over 30 ℃! No air-conditioner!".

In the beginning

Well, this is inside the building of Kobe Motomachi House which is being renovated.
Even if it was hot weather, there were no air-conditionors.

I am much appreciate workers who are steadily proceeding with construction.

It is a room that furniture has not provided yet.
While measuring the window frame and considering the arrangement of the furniture, I was feeling a little lonely because I usually go in and out of share housies where are plenty of tenants but there was no breathing of them.

Also, if there will be tenants in the future, I can imagine share house life with a lot of conversations as follows.
"I'm home!" "Okaeri(Japanese)" "Do you want to eat something?"
"What does this say in English?" "Japanese, very difficult......!"
I think that so many good communications will be born in the future here.

I would like to do my best for the opening of the house!

Good living room, Good communication in Borderless House

For the Borderless House, the living room where all the tenants gather is very important.

That is because communication begins there such as talking about today's events of each tenatns, eating meal together, exchanging their languages.

In such a living room, Borderless House Kobe Motomachi has an additinal concept related to "food".

In fact, Kobe City is a very popular city of urban agriculture.
Once a week, a big farmers' market is held for the full year!

Taking advantage of Kobe City's "food" features, As a result of thinking that it can make a lot of chance to interact between tenants in the living room ...
How! Local fresh vegetables can be delivered to Borderless House every week!
Thank you very much for the cooperation of local farmers, Onishi-san!

Onishi-san is representative of Calpharm Kobe
*Calpharm Kobe URL

The second blog, I would like to focus on the local farmers.

It's going to be fantastic!


It is possible to book the rooms from today!
If you would like to know about Borderless House Kobe Motomachi, please feel free to visit the website above and contact us!
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