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International exchange share house × Kobe vegetables! in Motomachi Kobe Japan

Hello, this is Yuuka from Borderless House Osaka office.
I came out of the office where I usually work and visited this farm during the dazzling summer sunshine♪

This is the second blog about Borderless House Kobe Motomachi which opens on 15th of September, following the first blog "International atmosphere!! New international exchange share house opens in Kobe!!"

Although it is the Borderless house that manages the share house based on the international exchange concept, Kobe Motomachi share house has one big feature in addition to international exchange.

Every week, tenants in this share house can receive fresh local vegetables in Kobe, Japan!

So, I would like to introduce you to Cal-farm Kobe which grow the vegetables and deliver it to the share house!

Cal-farm Kobe(キャルファーム神戸)


This is Mr. Onishi with a shiny smile and the representative of Calfarm Kobe.

His another name is Agritainmenter(this is a combination of the words Agriculture and Entertainment)

As the name implies, he is very talkative, has a lot of ideas and holds various fun events in his field!

He is focused on growing good & delicious vegetables as a farmer, but also doing a lot of events in his farm.

For example, cooking in the fields which participants harvest vegetables from (a professional chef is sometimes invited) or Konkatsu (marriage hunting) in the field.

The more I learned about his activities, the more I felt the potential of agriculture to create a sense of community.

Why do we choose delivery service from farmers?Because this is a time when you can order food at the press of a button.

This is a plastic greenhouse for tomatoes (actually 40℃ inside). This is where they will plant new seedlings. More than 10 kinds of tomatoes with features like sweetness, color and shape are cultivated here.

Mr. Onishi said, "I don’t think there is much value in hand delivered vegetables anymore." while showing places in his field.

And then,

Mr. Onishi:"It's an era when fresh vegetables will arrive tomorrow with just one click. It’s not rare to have vegetables delivered. I want to form a connection between the consumers, the farmers and the vegetables that they grow in the fields."

Although I am new to agriculture, like Borderless House, I want tenants to forget things like nationalities and just living in a foreign country. When I heard Mr. Onishi’s words, I wanted everyone to come together and empathize with the value of a truly borderless community.

To that end, rather than having vegetables delivered by a third party company, the vegetables that Cal-farm Kobe grows will be directly delivered fresh to the Kobe sharehouse.

If you will be staying in this share house, you can ask the farmers about their vegetables and talk about the various events that will be held in the fields.

What does Mr. Onishi want to do next? Share farm!

Mr. Onishi: "I would like to make a farm for 31 people in the future"
Yuuka: "31 people? I got it! In 1 month, a different person will take care of the farm everyday!"
Mr.Onishi: "That’s right! Actually only one person came to work on the farm today.haha"

※Actually this is a doll that protects the vegetables from animals.

Mr.Onishi:”It is convenient that you can buy vegetables at supermarkets. I think growing your own vegetables is a good chance to have a great experience and it will definitely be fun”

It is just 1 day in a month for one person to take care of the farm! Harvesting with everyone is a exciting experience!
The story of creating share farms all over the world left me with a lasting impression!

The future of Kobe Motomachi share house

Mr. Onishi is still chasing his ambitions.

The farm welcomes not only Japanese people, but also foreigners.
Making miso workshop which is held several times a year is popular with various nationalities and with children and adult alike!

I would not want to miss his activities and neither would you!

Since this is the first time that Borderless House Kobe Motomachi will cooperate with the Cal-farm Kobe farmers, we are thinking of having various event like making miso workshop and cooking&talking event with Mr. Onishi with the tenants giving their opinion on the various events.

Won’t you come and enjoy share house life with Kobe vegetables and an international atmosphere?

If you are interested in this share house, please feel free to make inquiries at the website below!

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