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International exchange × no guarantor × fully furnished in Kobe share House

A share House is finally opened in Kobe Motomachi for the first time on 15th of September.

Hello, this is Yuuka from Borderless House Kansai Office.
This time, I went to the brand new share accommodation in Kobe Motomachi!

First blog:
International atmosphere!! New international exchange share house opens in Kobe!

Second blog:
International exchange share house × Kobe vegetable! In Motomachi Kobe Japan

And this is the third blog introducing rooms for this accommodation and Borderless House’ s features for those who want to know the share house’s daily life.

The rooms Before☆After

This is the room that I showed in the first blog. It’s very simple with no furniture.

But now, it is fully furnished!

※This is the room for 2males with 2 singe beds. (Most of the shared rooms ordinarily use loft beds)

And then, the cozy and comfortable living room!

Here is the vegetables only refrigerator, where vegetables delivered from farmers will be stored.

If you would like to see the other rooms of this accommodation, please refer to the website below.

Borderless House Kobe Motomachi

Enjoy international exchange and the feature of Borderless House!

In fact, Borderless House’s 10th anniversary is this year!

Those Japanese who want to make foreign friends and interact with them, those foreigners who want to make Japanese friends and have difficulties with renting because of guarantor issues.

Borderless House wants to connect these people and established the share accommodation business.

※Borderless House Kyoto Kamigamo(Summer2017)

Although this is the first time opening the share accommodation in Kobe, there are more or less 80 Borderless Houses in Japan.

We have a lot of programs such as free accommodation in Korea and Taiwan, language exchange and balancing the ratio of Japanese and foreign tenants 50:50 to maximize international exchange enjoyment!

Surprises everyday! Lots of fun!

Speaking of share houses, you would think there are tenants who move in because of cheaper rent and no guarantors. However, most tenants in Borderless House have motivation for interacting with other tenants from all over the world!

We talk with tenants before their move-in via video chat to introduce our features, whether they’re living in the mountains of Thailand, the Mediterranean sea or outer space!haha

If there are people who want to live in a share accommodation for travel only or the cheapest one, we sometimes recommend another share house which is most suitable to their preferences even if we have vacancies.

Therefore, many tenants have unique ideas for fun! I think they are experts at enjoying life! For example, this picture shows preparations for a Nagashi-soomen(flowing noodles) using a pool inside the share accommodation!

What is this?! I’m not a child anymore, but I was excited!

Next, there was a takoyaki party with firework viewing tenants from other share houses!

Borderless House tenants have a lot of chances to make new friends because there are many other share accommodation in Japan!

Next, everybody’s great faces!

Awsome! One of the tenants took a picture when they were having a welcome and farewell party!

Won’t you join Borderless House life where you can enjoy the international atmosphere in Kobe? We are looking forward to whatever happen in the Kobe share accommodation.

Why don’t you check out our website below?!

Although I only planned to write 3 blogs, the 4th blog is coming soon because we have a lot of things that we want to share with you about Kobe!
I hope you will enjoy the next blog!

<Borderless House Kobe Motomachi>

We also have an official Instagram & Facebook page, please check it out!

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