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「Everybody, Everywhere, Enjoy」International Exchange! 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY was held at OSAKA-Tamatsukuri House!

Hello, this is Suguru from Borderless House Kansai team!

Last weekend, we had a lot of snow in Japan, since the biggest blizzard on record in 40 years occurred. At Osaka Tamatsukuri House, we hold a HOT 1 year anniversary party, which blow away cold weather!

Only for tenants ☆ Everybody Everywhere Enjoy International Exchange

26 tenants who live in not only Osaka-Tamatsukuri house but also Osaka-Tsuruhashi house and Osaka-Toyonaka house came to the party!

As you know, our concept is “ International exchange”!

Our tenants can make new friends both in their own share house and in the other share houses!

Half of participants were first meeting!

Honestly, half of participants were first meeting. Although the person who is cheerful usually, they were nervous at the beginning of the party.

To ease their tension, let’s start Drawing telephone game! The game is well known by tenants in Borderless House Kansai.

Members tell a message to next one only by drawing picture. The important point of this simple game is order and answerer! Team members must have a communication to win the game!

Some one who is not good at speaking English, tried to their opinions with wonderful body language!


Team with competitive members devised a strategy while eavesdropping other teams’ strategies. Haha


He answered “ FISH!” (Unfortunately, the answer was “airplane”!)

As they tried games several times,

“Ben, please just focus on answerer! It is difficult for us to tell what you drew!”
“I think that Arisa should be the first because she is very good at drawing!”


This team members are almost first meeting, but they became a close friends at the end of the game!

If you were shy, kind members in Borderless House always welcome you friendly!

I am proud of our tenants, always make us happy!


After the game, we tried to calligraphy because it is New years day.


Tenants taught each other how to hold a brush.


Finally, it7s the time to Special Borderless BINGO game!

Concepts of this BINGO were “Review last year” and “new start for next year”!

We collected memorial photos, when they were so cool or they have a gap between now and past.

At this time, I‘ll show you some specially.


He was getting dead drunk. Was it his coolest moment?


The pictures remind me of the time the share house just opened.

In the latter half of the game, tenants called their lucky numbers while crossing their shoulders!

Because…..1st prize was a special ticket of 50% discount from next month rent!!


Winner was Mikael, he has lived in Osaka-Tamatsukuri House from right after the house was opened.


Even though she got BINGO, her prize was a box of tissue…(I’m sorry Arisa!)


At last, we took pictures together with their calligraphy!

After the party, members exchanged their LINE contacts each other. Then, they made new friends in another share house members.

All tenants like international exchange so much!"

This is the end of a report of the party.

So, why they could have a good relationships each other, though it was a first meeting for them?

All 84 tenants who live in Borderless House Kansai have different nationalities, backgrounds, characters, mother language and so on. However, they have a one big common point.
They like international exchange so much!

With this common point, everyone can enjoy international exchange every Borderless House!

More than a friend but less than a manager! Staff are happy to support your international share house life!

Of course, we understand, someone still concern about language skill or share house life.

However, please don’t worry about it to much!

Borderless House staff are more than a friend but less than a manager.

For example, when we meet new tenants who have a concern about their English skill, we ask them “What is your hobby?”

There is only a handful of people can speak English very well.
It is much more fun to learn English that talking with friendly tenants who have common hobby just like you!

Staff can introduce you to our tenants who will be a new good partner anytime!

Please feel free to share us, if you have any concerns or questions!

Since all of Borderless House have tenants, 50% Japanese and 50% foreigners, everyone can have friends from all over the world!
Please take this opportunity to experience international share house with us!


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