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Japan to reopen borders in October! Find your best accommodation in Japan

Japan plans to ease travel restrictions for foreign travelers (mid-term and long-term visitors, who will stay in Japan for more than three months for business or other non-tourism purposes) from around the world beginning in October, the Japanese government said this Wednesday.

However, there will be limited to about 1,000 foreigners to enter the country per day and these entrants will be required to self-quarantine for two weeks and follow other health protocols.

In Japan, the number of new cases of the COVID has been trending downward in recent weeks, so we hope things only get better and better!
For those who have a plan to stay in Japan for three months or longer, we are going to give you some suggestions and information regarding your accommodation in Japan in this article!

Which Are The Best Share Houses To Live In Japan?

In recent years, the culture of living in a share house in Japan has witnessed a boost. It has been observed that the ex-pats and students who come to Japan for the very first time for reasons like for searching job opportunities, for completion of their studies, for taking a detailed tour of the nation, or for getting access to Japan’s medical infrastructure, prefer renting a share house. This especially rings true for people who are visiting Japan for a brief period. Such people show more interest in settling in a share house for their stay over booking a hotel or renting a whole flat in the new place.

There are many reasons for this preference displayed by people. The most important of these reasons include grounds like lower renting costs of a share house when compared to the cost of renting a hotel or flat, the easy process of locating and renting a share house, the increased sense of security offered to the residents by share houses as they shelter many people under the same roof, and the fact that living in a share house allows you to reside with other ex-pats and prevents you from feeling alienated and alone in an alien space. For these reasons, newcomers in Japan feel enticed to rent a share house.

Now, Japan over the last years has understood this urge, and thus, to help its ex-pats the country in recent years has developed many share houses. In this prosperous nation, where many vibrant and young minds co-exist and collaborate to make the nation a bustling economic hub, many such borderless properties have been built. So, now if anyone moves to Japan and wishes to rent a share house for the stay, he/she probably doesn’t need to look very hard or to make any compromises with the locality where he wants to live in. Instead, just logging on to the right website and knowing where you want to rent a space, will make the share house hunt possible.

What you don’t believe us? Well, if that is the case then make sure to read our next section where you can see how any ex-pat who newly moves within the borders of Japan can easily choose accommodation in various localities. The options available are abundant and endless!

What are the available residence options in various areas in Japan?

If you will move to Japan you will find that the cheap residence options available here are overflowing. All you need to do is to know for sure in which city or locality you wish to rent a room and what you want your neighborhood to look like. Once you have locked in on these answers you will find that finding and finalizing a renting space is like a child’s play in Japan.

So, you have a workplace or school you want to live close to?

Many people every year move to Japan in search of jobs or for the sake of its remarkable education system. Now, if you too have made your move to Japan for these reasons, then it makes sense that you would want to live in a place that is close to these locations. Doing so will reduce your time to and from work and school, and it will make your life comfortable. Now, since the majority of jobs and popular education institutions are located in big cities in Japan like Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, hence, you will be glad to know the number of share houses located in these cities is also in double digits. Thus, finding a share house here isn’t be a tough task.

So, you love history and would like to live in a historical place?

Well, some people love history, and honestly, it is quite wonderful to know that the place where you are standing in the present moment is the same place where some great king or saint was born thousands of years ago. Now, if you also love such tidbits of information and have come to Japan in a tourist spree, then you should check out the historical cities of Asakusa and Ueno that are popular tourist destinations while finding a shelter. There are many share houses situated here and choosing one of them as your place of accommodation will make it easier for you to visit historical sights and to experience traditional culture.


So, you want access to a convenient and exciting life?

Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro are Tokyo's representative urban centers. These localities are packed with all the functions of downtown, the entertainment district, and the office district, and the number of visitors who come to these places is very large. Especially in Shibuya, you can find many young people, and therefore, plenty of commercial facilities and restaurants are situated here. Thus, while deciding on a locality you should consider selecting one of these cities to stay as they will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and will aid you in leading an exciting urban life.


So, you prefer living in a high-end luxury area?

Now, who doesn’t like to live a glamorous and comfortable life? So, for those of you who would prefer settling in a high-end luxury area let me inform you that Roppongi and Meguro in Tokyo are rich and popular residential areas in Japan where many wealthy people reside. And the good news is that even in these high-end luxury areas you can easily locate share houses to live in. Thus, even by paying less rent, you can get access to fashionable townscapes and high-class shopping centers. In addition to this, by living here you can also find delicious food serving restaurants and old-fashioned shopping streets that can keep you entertained and happy.

Recommended HouseROPPONGI1 & AKASAKA1

Thus, if you are about to move to Japan or you are already residing here, you can now see how finding a share house in different areas in Japan is very easy.

Hope the information helps! We are so looking forward to seeing you in Japan!

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