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An international share house with a music studio in Koenji!

Concept Share House [international exchange &music]

The first Borderless House with the concept [international exchange & music] opened only 8 minutes away from Koenji Station. Equipped with a music studio including instruments, this house is not only perfect for those who love to do music, but also for those who would like to try it from now on! You can use the instruments as well as the studio as you please. Enjoy your life surrounded by music and housemates from all over the world! We are planning to equip the studio with several different instruments, such as an electric piano or a guitar. And since the studio has a projector as well, you can have a big screen movie night with your housemates!

A comfortableshare house life in Koenji

Koenji 2 House is a newly constructed building, designed especially to become a share house. In the basement, there is an over 30 square meters huge living room, and the music studio, about 18 square meters big and equipped with a projector. There is enough space for all 12 housemates together and socialize! All of the individual rooms are private, and some of themhave a balcony or a loft as well. And since the house’s facilities are verywell-equipped, you will have no problem dividing your private life from theshared life. There is nodoubt that you will have a comfortable life together with your housemates! Plus, the house has convenient access to central Tokyo - you can reach Shinjuku by train in six minutes and Shibuya in 14 minutes. From one of the closest stations, KoenjiStation, you can use the JR Sobu and Chuo Line, and the Marunouchi Line from the other one, Shin-koenji Station. With convenient access to Shinjuku,Shibuya, Tokyoand Otemachi, this is the perfect location for those who have to commute to school or work.  

Koenji – you will never want to leave this town again!

Koenji Station is surrounded by more than ten big and small shopping streets, making this a town full of life and energy. On the north side, you will find Junjo Shopping Street,a famous shopping street that is even mentioned in famous novels. Public baths and long-established restaurants create a nostalgic atmosphere, while the south side with its stylish cafes and vintage clothing stores is popular among young people. Under the train tracks, many small and cozy popular pubs line one after the other. Many of them use beer cases as tables, so this is the perfect place to have a drink in a unique atmosphere with your housemates! Furthermore, Koenji`s shopping streets hold events throughout the whole year. In summer, the Awa Odori Festival attracts more than 100,000 visitors, and performers from allover the world gather at the Daigogei Festival. Enjoy the variety of Koenji`s events together with your housemates! Although the house itself is located in a quiet residential area, but a super market,convenience store and even a public bath are in a 5 minute walking distance,making it a very convenient place to live. Why not start a new exciting life in Koenji, a town with a unique atmosphere, and enjoy music and international exchange with your housemates from all over the world?   There are more information on the website! ▼BORDERLESSHOUSE KOENJI2
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