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Why foreign students choose share house, even though they can live by themselves with same rent?

Borderless House was introduced by the magazine "Asia no Tomo(アジアの友)" over 5 pages, as one of the spotlighted accommodation for foreign students in Japan!

In this article, we would like to focus especially on "Why is Borderless House popular among foreign students in Japan?", referring to the contents in the magazine.

"Meeting Japanese" is important than living by themselves

・・・We experienced the difficulties of finding accommodation for foreign people. We felt that this is significant problem in Japan, thus we started to manage the accommodation for foreign people by ourselves to solve that problem. After we searched what kind of life foreign people spend in Japan, we found out that they could hardly meet Japanese...(From the  article in the magazine)

Though it is hard for foreign students to live in an apartment because it usually requires a guarantor and a long contract term, more real estate companies are getting positive to accept foreign people recently.

However, share house is still popular among foreign students, because they cannot get a chance to make Japanese friends and to use Japanese if they live alone, despite they come all the way to Japan.

Our efforts on finding tenants and house to maximize the interaction among tenants

・・・To make an environment for foreign people to know Japan more, we decided to start a share house where half Japanese  and half foreign people live together.  What we put importance when we find a property is the position and the size of living room, which is the most important place for communication among tenants. We lay out a living room of all houses so that tenants can see each other at least once a day. Also, we ask tenants not to bring their own TV or home electronics into their own rooms, so they use refrigerators and microwaves in living room・・・ (From the article in the magazine)

For such foreign students who are longing for making Japanese friends, we are putting efforts to deepen the interaction among tenants.

Half of the tenants are Japanese

One of the remarkable feature of the Borderless House is the ratio of nationalities in each house. We balance the ratio of Japanese to foreign people 50:50, which makes the environment for foreign people to live with Japanese for sure.

"Big living room"  "No Home electronics in each room"

Additionally, we arrange the each room, furniture, and consumer electronics carefully, to promote the daily communication.

In this way, we are putting efforts to make the living environment where foreign students can always communicate with Japanese and make friends with them, which makes Borderless House special among a number of share houses in Japan.

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"Our Passion for Building an Original Community in a Borderless House"

Interaction with foreigners also attract Japanese

In the article in the magazine "Asia no tomo", Borderless House was introduced as "a popular share house for foreign people". However, you might wonder why it is popular to Japanese too.

Actually, since many foreign people comes to Borderless House to meet with Japanese, that' s why Japanese also enjoy staying here, because they choose to Borderless House to communicate with foreign people.

You can see the magazine "Asia no tomo" at international affairs division. etc at each universities.

If you are looking for a chance to meet with Japanese, feel free to take a look at Borderless House!

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