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Newly built international share house opened in Omori area!

Hello! Everyone! This is Kohei from Borderlesshouse!
This is the second borderless house which was opened in the Omori area on September 23rd!

I am going to introduce you the newly opened Omori 2 house!

Designed to create a natural exchange of daily life

First, I am going to introduce the living room. As soon as you enter the entrance, you can see the living room and the stairs to the second floor, it was designed so that everyone can easily get together in the living room, so naturally the "welcome" and "I'm home" conversation is born in the space!

Borderless House has a mix of English and Japanese language, because the nationality ratio is limited to half Japanese and half foreigners!
Enjoy the daily life of international exchange while relaxing in the dining and sofa!

A spacious kitchen that is nice for everyone! Home appliances are also available!

In addition to the oven and toaster, this house also offers a mixer and a coffee maker! Also a hot plate for BBQ party! Let's enjoy international cooking!

All rooms are private with a washbasin.

The rooms are equipped with beds, desks, chairs, bookshelves and storage, so you can move in with one suitcase!
In addition, there is also a washbasin in the room, so there are no crowded worry in the mornings!

Because all the rooms are private, it is possible to enjoy the exchange with everyone while having your own personal time, as well.

There's even more! The best part of the Omori 2 house is the rooftop!

The house is built on top of the hill, so you can have a 360-degree view from the rooftop, and you may also see Mt. Fuji when the weather is nice!

Not only does it have a space for drying your laundry, but it also have tables and chairs prepared, so it is the perfect space for everyone's relaxation during nice weather.

From Omori to the central area of Tokyo & Kanagawa

Omori is located on the South side of Tokyo, so it is near Kanagawa. Omori station (the nearest station) on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line has the great accessibility not only to the central Tokyo, but also to Kawasaki and Yokohama with no transfer, so it is highly recommended for students as well as full-time workers!

Also, Haneda Airport is only 25-minute train away, which makes your weekend trip easy!

・ Shinagawa: 6 mins
・ Shinjuku:27 mins
・ Shibuya:20 mins
・ Ueno:20 mins
・ Roppongi:25 mins
・ Kawasaki:8mins
・ Yokohama:20mins

A historical and cultural city with rich nature, so it is comfortable to live in.

The atmosphere of the city differ between the West and East side of the station.
The West side, which Omori 2 House is located on, has a lot of historic remains and shrines in the quiet residential area on the hills. On the other hand, the East side has a mixture of Japan’s modern and traditional atmospheres.

It is a convenient shopping district with large commercial facilities. You can still enjoy the traditional local atmosphere. In addition, the coastal area, which is a 10-minute walk from the station, has a large park full of nature, an aquarium and a barbecue area for leisure.

It is a great place to spend an active holiday with your housemates! Local festivals with long histories in the the vicinity of Omori such as the Mikoshi Festival of the Hie Shrine and the Beer festival on German Street are worth joining at least once in your life!

So why not enjoy a life filled with international exchanges with multinational housemates, while also enjoying the atmosphere of a city steeped in the history and tradition?

On the web page, you can see a 360-degree panoramic image of the house, so please check it out!

We have received a favorable reception before the opening, but we are already full now, we will contact you as soon as you have an empty room schedule if you register.

Kitasenju2 house will open on 7th October!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
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