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A Member of Borderless House Gave a Lecture to Middle School Stutents! ~Telling 13 Year Old the Excitement of our Job~

Hello, this is Yuya in chrage of the blog!
This time, I am writing about that the staff of Borderless House and of Borderless Group visited a middle school to give a licture.
(Borderless House is one company of Borderless Group which brings up social activists doing social business.)

It is a sudden question but do you remember yourself when you were 2nd year of a middle school?

Did you commit to a club? Faced to exams that you don't like against your will?
Wanted to be bad one? Was your job playing with your friends as much as you can?
Or did you feel uneasy to think about yourself?

It feels like we had infinite possibilities in middle school days...

We gave a lecture to middle school students with such full of possibilities!

What is working? Tell them "Excitement"!

This lecture was able to come true thanks to the connection of Li, a president of Borderless House.

The theme of the lecture was "Beyond Excitement", let's listen to the grownups enjoying their job, know how they work on their projects and get excited about growing up to an adult and working!

This time, we focused on the grownups who work for social contributions.
Borderless House has a concept: "getting rid of discrimination and prejudice and
building up multicultural symbiotic societies in which various people acknowledge each other's background".

We interwove such elements of Borderless House as social business with the lecture.

Working for social contributions is fun and working itself is fun in the first place.Though 80-minute 2 workshops, this was the message we wanted to convey to the students.

Having such a goal, we went to Samukawa Middle School and talked to 36 of 13-year-old students.

The members who participated in the lecture (who were named ”CRAZY 6”) were the following; Li,  the president of Borderless House; Rocker Kenny, the most trusted member by our tenants, who also experienced a lot in his life; Islander Yuki-chin, such a savage that she had her head shaved because she wanted to make news in her hometown when she was a student.

Also, 3 members from Borderless Group!
Ruggie, a clown filled with kindness; Hikari, cool one but with a heart full of passion.

And Erika, everyone's mother and a super HR joined.

We prepared for the lecture by thinking back our lives, especially, the events in middle school and high school.

Then, we organised what and how we should tell them.

How Do the Students React? The Exciting Action Making the Future

On that day, CRAZY 6 was heading to the school 120% excitedly.

(They prepared these handouts for the lecture.)

First of all, we briefly introduced each company of Borderless Group, mainly Borderless House.

After that, we divided 36 students into 3 groups and our 2 members were assigned to each and started a talk session.

As we asked every student "what is your dream?", every told us different dreams; a midwife,  a programmer, a dancer, an author of picture books or undecided.

In addition, when we asked them if they were looking forward to going out into the world,  about half of them raised their hands.

We told them the events by which we got excited at work and the motivator to work excitedly.

For example, one exciting moment for Borderless House was when they designed a new house and built it!
It was exciting to wonder "what the communication in this living room is going to be like?" or "how the life of the tenants is going to be?"and to imagine surprised faces or happy faces of the new tenants while designing a space.

Another got excited when one tenant moved out, announcing "living in Borderless House made me want to go for a round-the-world journey!

Although it was sad to say goodbye, it was exciting that I could be involved in a person's decision and my heart can't stop beating every time I can have such experiences day after day!

As such, every member conveyed the feelings based on the concrete episodes at work.

Whoever the students listened to, they must have caught the feelings of the members; "I want to do something for people." or "I want to solve a social problem."

Next, with the aim of letting the students think too, we had the students suggest  an exciting social contributing action that we can do from today!

(For short, WAKUTION, named after WAKUWAKU, exciting in Japanese, and ACTION)
And every student shared his/her idea in a group.

Some children considered WAKUTION for their family and friends. Others did for the local area or global environment. WAKUTIONs they proposed were from a modern idea such as "creating a system in which we share our clothes instead of throwing it away: Sharekari!" to doing one good action a day like "standing a fallen bike up around a station."

Some children thought and shared a lot of idea!

What We Want to Convey and What We are Expected to Do

80 minutes flew by so fast and we felt that conveying is difficult.

Since each has a different interest and an important thing for himself/ herself, it was hard to catch each of them and convey what we want to say according to them.

Borderless House is also intensively trying to spread information on why we offer a highly multicultural community and what is multicultural symbiotic societies that we aim to build up.

We learned that the important thing is not only telling about what we want to convey but also seeing what kind of information they need and figuring out the differences between "what we want to convey" and "what they need". 

Although we got some points to improve by next time, it was a great achievement that we could let the students know "there is a job to solve social problems" and "there are people who enjoy that job" and apply the lessons to the social contributing action that they can do.

For us, our communicating skills were trained considerably through the lecture.

(On the handout of a student...)

(the portrait of Kenny!)

The lecture made us consider again about the theme; multicultural symbiotic societies that Borderless House aims to.

From this new challenge, we want to take the chances like this!

That's why we will try to keep offering the information on multicultural symbiotic societies, cross-cultural understandings and diversity.

A request for our school visit lecture or workshop on "new multicultural symbiosis arising from the international exchange shared houses" or "how should Japanese people and foreign people live together in Japan today?" are more than welcomed!

Please request from 【Inquiry】.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone who we have never met!

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