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【Tenant's interview】What's Appealing about the Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House!

Borderless House owns 67 share houses around Tokyo, and each house is attractive in its own way!
But, you probably can't imagine how it feels like, living in a share house...
So this time, it's a new series of Tenants introducing their community and surrounding area of the house!

Series number 1 of feeling as if you moved in the house! There will be two parts this time!

Introducing Borderless House Itabashi-Kuyakushomae, a medium sized share house with maximum of 16 people!

Interviewing Tenant Mr. S! Getting to Know What's Appealing about the Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House!

This time, Tenant Mr. S will introduce Itabashi-Kuyakushomae for us!
He is an wholesome guy who was encouraged by his parents to live in an international share house to gain various experiences. He decided to live in a share house at the timing of entering university to be independent from his parents.
I asked him, how is it like living in Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House?
Awesome is the word for it, he says with a wide smile.

Lets find out what makes this Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House, so "awesome."

A living room right after you open the entrance! Dividing a place for privacy and interactions like this!

When you open the entrance door and take off your shoes, you'll see the living room and dining room right in front of you.

The living room is a central part of your living, since everyone walk past it when they leave the house and come back.

"I love being in the living room. I can meet everyone, and conversations emerge naturally, like 'I'm back , Welcome back and Good morning, Have a good day' "

There are 16 people living, so when you get back home, you see the living room's lights, hear laughter, and be welcomed by someone.

Tirdeness from your job or school flies away!

"When I want to see someone, I go to the living room. When I want to focus, I can go in my room. I am able to enjoy living in a share house this way."

A small living room creates close relationships within the tenants!?

Actually, the living room is a little small for a 16 people, medium-sized house.

When all house mates gather to party, the room gets packed like in this picture.

And when friends or tenants from other houses are invited, the room becomes a packed train!

"It is true that when many people gathers, it gets tight, but this tightness makes us in closer relationships and have a lively communication. ”

Close relationships are built because of the tightness of the space. This is a scene of a party unique to the Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House. 

A home party for every move in and move out, brightly say hello and goodbye!

In a share house with many people, there has to be parties! Even when few people are just eating together, it becomes like a party.

The good thing about living in Itabashikuyakoshomae House with 16 people is that there are many chances for people to gather from small to large parties.

In the living room wall, there's a black board with everyone's birthday written on it. When it's somebody's birthday, someone makes a call on the chat and celebrate.

Many welcome party and farewell party are held as well. House mates moving in and out is common with 16 people in the house including short term stayers.

"My perspectives expanded by meeting people from different countries and jobs. They taught me many things that I would not have been able to learn from an ordinary college life. That is why I want to cherish the start and end!"

A house with many people means, getting to meet as much people. And that’s how much value you can expose to!

Personal time is of course important too! Here's how you manage!

If there are many parties and opportunities to gather, you may think you don’t have your own personal time.

But, that’s actually not the case. Personal rooms in Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House are on the second floor, so private space is secured.

“When I want to to study or relax alone, I go back to my room. There's a door between the living room and the stairs to go up, and the sound is blocked, so I don’t feel left out from the gathering. Because we can join the community whenever we want or whenever we have time, so there's no need to be pressured. I like the living room so I’m always there though. Haha”

He’s in the living room so often that he kind of knows everyone’s time to go work and come back!

It’s wonderful how you can have fun interacting, while valuing each other's lifestyles!

Do you feel like you want to live in the Itabashi-Kuyakushomae House?

There are many appealing things in the area around the house as well! Next time, it'll be a section on the shopping street! Look foward to it!!

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