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【BORDERLESS HOUSE Online Information Session】What is an International Share House??

Hi! This is Ting from BORDERLESS HOUSE. This is a blog to announce our upcoming BORDERLESS HOUSE Information Session.

Recently we have received many messages from potential tenants which contain similar comments:
I don’t have enough information about living in a sharehouse yet, so I want to learn more about life in a sharehouse before making a decision or moving.
I want to know more about Borderless House as a company!
I want to have a look at an international share house.
I want to live in a share house at some point in my life and would like to get excited about that future opportunity!

In order to respond to these messages, we have decided to hold an online information session so that people can learn more about Borderless House!

【What is Borderless House】

BORDERLESS HOUSE is an international sharehouse where young individuals from all around the world gather under one roof to share life together and exchange different cultures. We provide a community where you can not only improve your Japanese skills but also have unforgettable experiences with a diverse group of people and be able to expand your horizons.

Don’t you wonder what life in one of these exciting multicultural communities in Japan would be like?

What does the cooking, cleaning, and everyday life look like when living together?
Will I be able to have meaningful interactions with my Japanese housemates even if I don’t speak Japanese?
How are problems resolved if they arise?

Additionally, we will be offering special discount campaigns for anyone who participates in this online session- check below for details!

When coming to Japan, you have many choices on where and how to live, but why not choose to have an invaluable cultural exchange at one of our international sharehouses? After the information session, we will also take the time to give more specific details about each of our houses, so please feel free to participate. Your BORDERLESS HOUSE family is waiting for you to join!

※Before registering to participate, please note that there is an age limit (18-35) for our tenants.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

BORDERLESS HOUSE Information Session Details: What Is an International Sharehouse

Date & Time:
Nov 16th, Monday @ 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM JST
Nov 21th, Saturday @ 17:00 AM - 18:30 PM JST

Nov 28th, Saturday @ 17:00 AM - 18:30 PM JST
Nov 30th, Monday @ 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM JST

※Please note that the time above is Japan Standard Time so you will need to double-check the corresponding time in your own time zone. Feel free to use this time zone converter.

Place: ZOOM (online)
※Feel free to download the ZOOM application ahead of time.
※When you join the ZOOM meeting, your name will be displayed. If you are worried about using your full name, please feel free to put only your first or your last name. However, we ask that you do not use a nickname during registration or during the meeting.

▶Language: English
● Price: FREE!!!
①Borderless House Company Introduction
②Q&A with Current Residents and Staff
③Individual Consultation

Register ・Inquiry Form

★★★Please use the link below to register for the information session★★★

◎Registration Form

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:
Kanto area:
Kansai area:

For further information from our website, please check out the links below

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