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【Ē・SHOKU・JŪ 】Housing & Career Support Program just started now!

Hi! This is Ting from Borderless House.
We have been working on creating amazing services to our residents, and today I have another good news for you!

We are pleased to announce that BORDERLESS HOUSE is now partnering with Sociarise co.,ltd and we are starting a Career Support Program called our 【Ē・SHOKU・JŪ 】for foreigners who want to work in Japan!

If your dream is to work in Japan, or if you are currently working in Japan and would like to look for a better job opportunity, this is an amazing opportunity to get the help and advice from professional career advisors for foreigners from Sociarise.

Sociarise ~ Difference is Value ~

Sociarise provides career support for foreigners living in Japan, such as counseling and advisory services,  tips for job-hunting in Japan, Japanese business manner, resume writing and interview coaching, and essential Japanese language. On top of that, they provide the latest job hunting information and the services are free of charge. The career advisors from Sociarise will give you full support in finding or changing jobs in Japan.

Why did we start our collaboration with Sociarise and the career support program

From time to time, we have been receiving inquiries from our residents regarding job search or job hunting in Japan. We found that there are many people who have the need and are seeking help with it.

We hope to support our tenants who have a dream of living in Japan for a longer period and working in Japan. Because we know that there are A lot of foreigners not being unable to adapt to the unique custom of Japanese job hunting, and had to return to their home country discouragingly. And it's really sad to see our tenants have to leave Japan because they can not find a job here.

Borderless House's mission is to create a multi-cultural symbiotic society that is open-minded and free of discrimination. We promote a community that is built on mutual understanding and active participation. Therefore, we would like to help more foreigners to find jobs in Japan to improve and increase diversity in society.

So let’s check the details of this program!

2 Amazing Projects that Allow You not just to Enjoy International Experiences but also to Realize Your Dream Living in Japan

There are 2 projects in this program. One is for those who are interested in living in an international share house, meanwhile, is doing job searching in Japan. And the other one is only for Borderless House current residents!to live with locals to improve Japanese skills and wish to work in Japan

The first one is Housing and career support services for those who wish to work in Japan (including changing jobs)
Borderless House provides an environment where you can improve your Japanese while living, and Socialize offers you work support service. This is a perfect project for those who want to live with locals to improve Japanese skills, at the same time, gain full career support for job hunting in Japan!

【Project Details】
①Regular career support services by Sociarise (submitting weekly reports, mandatory participation in SR career support seminar, etc.)
②FREE Key money! (Usually, we ask for 30,000 yen Key money)
③Monthly rent discount (Up to 3 months)
④Reception for the first group of the project members are New tenants starting living in BH from August, September, and October for 3 months
⑤Voluntary support from other residents, such as interview practice and preparations with your housemates (which is voluntarily requested by Borderless House)
⓺If you land a job successfully, you and your housemates will be rewarded with a prize as a work celebration and cooperation thank-you gift!

【Moving conditions】
・There will be a screening procedure conducted by Borderless House and Sociarise before confirming your reservation. ※There's a possibility that you may not be eligible for applying this project.
・Minimum stay of 3 months
・You can choose the house you want to live in from the list
-You can either choose to stay in a shared room or a private room.
-Your roommate will be Japanese if you stay in a shared room.)
・Weekly report is necessary (Summit to Sociarise)
・Mandatory participation in all the career support activities provided by Sociarise.

Professional Career Support Service for current Borderless House residents

The second career support service project is only designed for tenants who are living in Borderless House at the moment! This is for those who are looking for job opportunities that can give them chances to live longer in Japan, also for those who are seeking better job opportunities!

【Project Details】
①Regular career support services by Sociarise
②If you land a job successfully, you and your housemates will be rewarded with a prize as a work celebration and cooperation thank-you gift!
③Appilications are acceptable at ANY TIME!

Application & Inquiries

To take the first step, we would like to invite you to join BORDERLESS HOUSE 【Career Support Online Seminar 】!!

♦Work in Japan! Consultation with professional career advisors for foreigners♦
Date: December 12th, 2020 (Sat)
Time & Language:
①11:00~12:30 JST  in English
②15:00~16:30 JST  in Japanese
Place: ZOOM (Online)
Special guest: Takumi Nakamura *CEO of Sociarise co.,ltd


※Check more details of the seminar here.

※If you are not able to join but you have interest in this project, please send us an inquiry here.

※The online seminar will be held on ZOOM(, you could download it for FREE in advance.

While living in an international share house, landing a dream job in Japan

If you live in Borderless House, half of your housemates will be Japanese, they will also be your support in your job hunting journey! If you land a job in Japan successfully, you and your housemates will be rewarded with a prize!

Is there anything better than this incredible opportunity to realize your dream of working in Japan?


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