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BORDERLESS HOUSE is starting LIVE Q&A on Instagram!
Don’t miss this opportunity to ask for the specific information you need!

We hope to deliver up-to-date information that everyone wants to know and have real-time communication with those who are interested in BORDERLESS HOUSE or planning on coming to Japan in the near future by having a LIVE Q&A session.

Everyone is welcome to join!
Please gather your questions and feel free to ask anything that you want to know about Japan or BORDERLESS HOUSE. Our staff or residents will be more than happy to answer any questions!

If you don’t have specific questions to ask, that’s okay! We will also prepare some topics and potential questions that we will be covering in each session. You can just watch our LIVE and gather some information that might be helpful for your plan of coming to Japan.

Check below and see what topics that we are planning to talk about and what information you can get from joining our Live Q&A!

What topics will we be talking about

Going to live alone in Japan as a foreigner, there must be a lot of concerns and things that you are worried about. Don’t worry! We are here to listen to you and resolve your doubts.

Following is the information we will be sharing with you.

#Coronavirus situation in Japan
- What is the state of emergency in Japan? What does life look like now in Japan?
- Is it safe to live in a share house during Covid-19?
- What preventive actions are BORDERLESS HOUSE and residents taking?
- What happens if someone around me tests positive for covid? What should I do?

#Latest information about entering Japan, after arrival, quarantine measures
- What are the entry requirements for Japan and procedures of entering Japan during the pandemic?
- What are the mandatory things that I have to do after I arrive in Japan?
- What does quarantine life look like in Japan?
- What kind of support does BORDERLESS HOUSE offer?

#Real life in an International share house in Japan
- What kind of residents live in share houses?
- What rules do you have in a share house?
- What should I do if there are problems or conflicts among residents at my share house?
- Is international cultural exchange and language learning really possible at a share house?
- It seems like there are a lot of share houses, how should I choose one?
- I’m a shy person, will I be ok?

#Learn Japanese & Japanese language school
- What are the instructors like? What language will be used in class?
- How can I speak fluent Japanese fast?
- Is there a class for someone who has no background in Japanese? I don’t know how to read hiragana or katakana. Would I still be qualified to join a class?
- What documents will I need for admission?

When & How to join

Date and time:
❶ March 13th, 2021
❷ March 20th, 2021
❸ April 3rd, 2021
❹ April 10th, 2021

Saturdays, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Japan time

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You can watch live videos on the Instagram app or on

We are excited to see you there!

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