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【Dec 19th (Sun)@Tokyo・Dec 26th (Sun)@Kyoto】Experience a Share House life with Japanese! Open Days at International Share House

Hello, this is Riko from BORDERLESS HOUSE!

Today, we are happy to announce that we will hold Open Days at BORDERLESS HOUSE where anyone can visit the share house!

"What is a share house in Japan like?"
"What kind of people live there?"
"What it is like to live with Japanese people?"

You might already know the option of a "share house", but we guess not many people know what an international share house with Japanese housemates is like.

For those people, we will hold Open Days to give you a chance to view the inside of the share house at Asakusabashi share house on Dec 19th (Sun) and Kyoto Nishijin share house on Dec 26th (Sun)!

What is an international share house really like? Let's have a tour at Open Days!

Where and with whom are you living now?

There are various options such as living by yourself in an apartment or in a student dormitory, but do you know the option of "international share house"?

Young people from all over the world come together and share different cultures while living together under one roof. That is the multinational share house BORDERLESS HOUSE.

We are holding Open Days with the idea that we want more people to know the new option of living with someone you meet for the first time across national borders and also with Japanese housemates!

Details of the Open Days and how to participate

December 19th (Sun) Tokyo @ BORDERLESS HOUSE Asakusabashi
December 26th (Sun) Kyoto @ BORDERLESS HOUSE Nishijin

・Introduction of BORDERLESS HOUSE
・Tour in a share house (room or shared space)
・Q & A time with residents who currently live

You can choose which session you would like to join from the following 3 sessions.

①12:30~14:00 (90mins) ②14:00~15:30(90mins)③15:30~17:00(90mins)

▼Click here to apply

Application Form

* Please cooperate in wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands as infection prevention.
* The address of the venue will be sent only to those who apply.
* If you join this event with your friend/family, please send the form separately.
* There is an age limit (18-35 years old) as a condition for moving in.

And More! Experience a real "House Party " at a Share House!  (Tokyo only)

"I'm interested in a share house, but what does a daily life look like?"
"What kind of interaction can we have at BORDERLESS HOUSE?"

If you feel this way, this event is for you!

December 19th (Sun) Tokyo @ BORDERLESS HOUSE Asakusabashi
Start at 17:00 after the Open Days event finishes

The real thrill of a share house is the "house party."

A house party is a gathering of residents.
What they do at a house party varies, such as a welcome party for new residents and a Christmas party.

This time, you are invited to a house party organized by residents living in BORDERLESS HOUSE Asakusabashi! This is your chance to ask them a real story about their life in a share house!

Let's bring food of your choice, think about the dish that we will make, cook and eat together! Let's talk about a share house life while enjoying interaction!

▼ Click here to apply

Application Form

It is okay to join if you don't have a plan to move! First, let's have a look around and feel the atmosphere!

This event is organized by the Japanese university students who actually live in BORDERLESS HOUSE.

As they chose to live in an international share house, they want more people to know the option of living with new people who they meet across national borders while staying in Japan, and feel how amazing the cultural exchanges are.

It's okay if you don't have a plan to move!
Please enjoy the atmosphere of the international share house.

Feel free to invite friends and join us together!





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