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Covid-19 Update ▏The measures and current situation in Japan (March 5th, 2021)

This article is an update on the current situation in Japan, including the Japanese government’s response and measures to Covid-19 and useful information about Coronavirus regarding travel restrictions, multilingual hotlines, and where to get a COVID test in Tokyo.

We hope this article will be helpful for those who are planning on visiting or returning to Japan soon. As the situation and circumstances change all the time, we will try to give you up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation every once in a while.

State of Emergency

Japan's government has extended the state of emergency by a month in Tokyo and nine prefectures last month and it was already lifted in six prefectures outside the Tokyo region by the 1st of March. Meanwhile, it’s maintained through the scheduled end date for Tokyo and the three prefectures around Tokyo - Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, means the requests for restaurants to close by 8 p.m. will be kept in place.

The Japanese government advises limiting the number of people eating out in groups to four or below if they are not family members who live together and choosing restaurants that are adequately spaced, not crowded. They also urged the public to refrain from taking part in graduation trips and parties, welcome and farewell parties, and cherry blossom viewing parties involving eating and drinking.

COVID-19 Entry Ban

Foreign nationals who have stayed in any of the 152 countries/regions listed here within 14 days prior to the application for landing are denied to enter Japan.
※Information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

At the moment, only Japanese citizens and foreign residents with valid residency status are allowed to re-enter the country.

Residence/Business Track Operations Suspended

Based on the decision of "State of Emergency", the Government of Japan on January 13, 2021, the frameworks of Business Track and Residence Track with all countries /regions is suspended, and the relaxation of the restriction on movement during the period of 14-day quarantine period under Business Track will no longer be permitted for Japanese nationals and foreign nationals with the status of residence until the state of emergency declaration is lifted.

For the validity of visas already issued under “Business Track” or “Residence Track” on January 13, 2021, please check here for Important notice.

Restrictions upon arrival

◆Those arriving from international travel back to Japan are required to take a Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to their departure day and submit a negative test result certificate upon arrival.

◆After arriving in Japan, another PCR test will be taken at the airport.

◆All the travelers are subject to a 14-day quarantine and a pledge must also be signed as an agreement to abide by the quarantine rules.

◆Those tested negative upon arrival may return home or go to their accommodation for the 14-day quarantine period. Any public transportation is not allowed, including transportation from airports.

◆The quarantine officer will register your quarantine place and your transportation from the airport

※With the above reason, before entering Japan you will need to secure a place to stay for 14 days and private transportation to the place. Check our Quarantine Support Service to help you secure accommodation and airport pick-up.

Coronavirus Hotlines (Tokyo & Kansai area)

Following are multilingual hotlines in 14 languages for foreign residents in Japan, these support centers provide any information that is related to Coronavirus, such as regarding your health, businesses, education, and immigration issues. They will help you to connect to the health care centers or other facilities that can support you.

【Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center】
• Phone number: 0120-296-004
• Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Cambodian, Burmese, Easy Japanese
• Time: 10:00 am ~ 17:00 pm, Monday to Friday

【Tokyo Metropolitan Government】
• Phone number: 0570-550-571
• Language: English, Chinese, Korean
• Time: 9:00 am ~ 21:00 pm, Monday to Sunday

【Osaka International House Foundation】
• Phone number: 06-6773-6533
• Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Tagalog
• Time: 9:00 am ~ 19:00 pm, Monday to Friday / 9:00 am ~ 17:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday

【Kyoto City International Foundation】
• Phone number: 075-752-1166
• Language & Time:
- English: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays
- Chinese: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm, Wednesdays and Fridays

【Kobe City COVID-19 Health Advice Hotline】
• Phone number: 078-322-6250 ※You will need to tell them that you need an interpreter when you call.
• Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepalese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Malay, Burmese, Khmer and Mongolian
• Time: 24/7

Where to get a Coronavirus Test in Tokyo

Below are clinics where they have detailed information that is written in English on their website, so you can check how to make an appointment with them if you need a COVID test.
Please note that the following list is for people who are NOT displaying symptoms but need to get tested, such as for travel international purposes.

【Takadanobaba Dermatology & Plastic Surgery】
• Test type: PCR test(nasal vestibule swab)
• Price: ¥29,000, plus additional fees which vary depending on when you need the test results and the certificates

【Nishitan Clinic (Walk-in and self-test by mail)】
• Test type: Regular PCR test - ¥15,000, Self-test kits - ¥9,000
• Price: Negative certificate ¥5,000

【Heiwa Memorial Clinic】
• Test type: RT PCR (nasopharyngeal or saliva) tests
• Price: Around ¥28,000, with an English certificate costing ¥5,000 (tax excluded)

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